Chemicals Department of PT Sumitomo Indonesia is divided into 3 business lines: Organic Chemicals, Inorganic and Performance Chemicals, and Life Science.

Organic Chemicals business line delivers top quality of products from a wide range of petroleum & petrochemicals manufacturers to various industries such as paint, adhesive, ink, detergent, polyolefin, and synthetic rubbers. The products range over Styrene Monomer, Liquid Alkyl Benzene, Solvents, Olefin, Aromatic, and Petroleum.

Inorganic and Performance Chemicals BL handles minerals, industrial chemicals, and fine chemicals to basic industries, such as water treatment, glass, ceramics, and food & beverages. Especially, the BL has supplied Aluminum Hydroxide from Australia since 2002 mainly for water treatment application.

Life Science BL focuses on raw material supply for agriculture and pharmaceutical industries. With Sumitomo Corporation Group’s network this BL provides the highest quality of products with the best supply chain management service.