Tubular Products

The primary focus of the Tubular Products Division is on supplying a wide range tubular products including line pipe and specialty tubulars to the oil, gas, petrochemical, refinery plant and boiler and heat exchanger fabricators.

Structural Steel Inventory

Line Pipe

PT Sumitomo Indonesia Tubular Products Division is committed to become a Total Solution Provider of the highest quality tubular products and services that meets customer’s demands. We create a comprehensive system that provides door-to-door service from manufacturer to customer with the aim of maximizing customer satisfaction. PT Sumitomo Indonesia Tubular Products Division is fully supported by Sumitomo Corporation Tubular Group. With our long experience and complete logistic facilities, we are ready to obtain any opportunities available in this region.

Line Pipe

PT Sumitomo Indonesia works through Tubular Products Division to supply various line pipe products such as seamless pipes (SMLS), Electric Resistance Welded (HF-ERW) pipes and Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) pipes. Most of our line pipe products are manufactured in Japan using leading technology with years of research and experience.

The line pipe department also supplies structural steel tubular through regional stock inventory program for Engineering Procurement Installation and construction contractors (EPIC).

We also provide coating services using first class coating contractors to meet customer’s requirement.

Specialty Tubular

The Tubular Products Division also supplies a wide range of specialty tubulars in various grades such as stainless, duplex and high alloy content, which are all manufactured in Japan to ensure the best product quality. Our specialty tubular products have been used by engineering companies, boiler and heat exchanger fabricators and heavy-equipment manufacturers including major oil and gas companies’ petrochemical plants.

Boiler Tube