PT Super Steel Karawang

Established in 1998 as the only bonded coil center in Indonesia, the company has two plants; the Cikarang Plant that mainly focuses on customers related to cars for the domestic market, and the Karawang Plant that mainly focuses on customers dealing in re-export.

The plant cuts steel coils as raw materials into required sizes for customers to press. The plant is enhancing its facilities to meet demand, in particular, the demand for booming car-related industries. PT Super Steel Karawang is quickly building a new factory, which will house the company's second blanking press (a facility to press steel for automobiles), next to its Karawang Plant.

By taking advantage of two pillars, Indonesia's domestic demands, particularly from car-related industries, and re-export from Indonesia to the world, PT Super Steel Karawang will continue to contribute to a stable supply of high quality products.