PT Sumisho Global Logistics Indonesia

PT Sumisho Global Logistics Indonesia is a company engaged in field of logistic services which having international standards, environmentally sound, and customers satisfaction oriented.

As an integrated global logistics service provider, the company covers international forwarding, warehousing, transportation, wholesales trading, customs clearance, delivery, and distribution center operations in Indonesia, where logistics services are dramatically increasing. Since its establishment in 1994, the company has expanded and enhanced its distribution centers in response to Indonesia's strong growth.

PT Sumisho Global Logistics Indonesia transports products and parts manufactured in industrial parks and other locations in Jakarta. As an integrated global logistics service provider covering logistics center operations to customs clearance for import and export, it plays a crucial role in Indonesia's transportation industry that has been traditionally dominated by individual business owners. Particularly after the recovery from the Lehman failure, the company has been receiving a great number of inquiries due to its readiness as a general logistics company.

The company is carrying out the "milk run" distribution operation for auto manufacturers while responding flexibly to daily traffic jams. Milk run is a "round trip" logistics system that facilitates both collection and distribution. PT Sumisho Global Logistics Indonesia continuously monitors its trucks, which are equipped with a global positioning system (GPS), by using location management monitors, as they pick up parts from suppliers and deliver them to auto manufacturers around the clock. This system allows the company to deliver parts just in time. Auto manufacturers need tens of thousands of parts to make even one vehicle, but many of them carry stocks for only several-hours’ worth of auto production. Therefore, the milk run delivery system plays the role of the unsung hero who works behind the scenes to support the increasing car demands in Indonesia.

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