Batam Operation

Batam is a small island in Indonesia and part of Riau Archipelago in South China Sea. Located near Singapore and Johor (Malaysia) puts Batam in a strategic position and makes it very enticing for business and investment.

To enhance the opportunities, Government of Republic of Indonesia made Batam and Bintan as Free Trade Zone (FTZ). FTZ gives a lot of beneficial economic policy for business entities to support easy operations, such as free Value Added Tax (VAT). Thus it draws Oil & Gas, shipyard, fabricators, heavy machineries and electronics industry to invest in this strategic island.

PT Sumitomo Indonesia established a branch office in Batam Island by acquiring business license from BP Batam (Batam Authority) to support the very dynamic business growth in Batam. With this license, PT Sumitomo Indonesia is able to deliver high quality material and service for valuable customers.