Steel Coil, Plate and sheets

We offer a wide range of flat carbon steel products for all applications from reliable local and world class suppliers through our strong worldwide network.


PT Sumitomo Indonesia provides a wide range of steel coated products such as Zinc Coated (GI), Zinc Aluminium Coated (GL), Colored Zinc Coated (PPGI) and Colored Zinc Aluminium Coated (PPGL) with main sources from Vietnam and China.


PT Sumitomo Indonesia is also the main holder of Indonesian National Standard (SNI) certificate, which is the only standard that applies nationally in Indonesia, for several steel coil and sheet products.


The plate & construction steel department is aiming to achieve customer’s ultimate satisfaction by providing high quality materials, reasonable price, top-notch service, to prove our excellence in this business.

A. Heavy Equipment and Machineries Material

Iron, Coal, Gold, Copper, etc are products of mining companies.  As the products are key to every aspect in our life, mining industry is involved large scale of investment, skill, experience and equipment.

PT Sumitomo Indonesia has a significant experience in providing excellent materials for heavy equipment in Indonesia, which  supports mining companies business and operation in Indonesia and overseas. PT Sumitomo Indonesia is prominent in heavy machineries and equipment industries, because of the outstanding service and quality.

  • Abrasion Resistant Steel Plate

PT Sumitomo Indonesia provides Abrasion Resistant material from biggest Mill in Japan at 400,450,500 and 600 Brinell hardness, and they are able to be used in extremely low temperature up to -40°C.

The material has been used in major heavy equipment, mining, and cement industries with satisfactory result. The application is dump body, bucket, chute, etc.

  • High Tensile Steel Plate 

We provide material of High Tensile Steel Plate in range of 540-950 N/mm². The application is construction structures, pressure vessels, oil storage tanks, bridges & heavy equipment structures, etc. The products are proven to be excellent among heavy equipment companies.