PT Sumitomo Indonesia Chemical Department is divided into 3 sub-units business: Organic, Inorganic and others, and Life Science.

PT Sumitomo Indonesia Organic sub-unit business has delivered top quality of products from various industry and manufacturers such as Petroleum & Petrochemicals, Paint and Adhesive Manufacturer, Ink Manufacturer, Detergent, Polyolefin, and Synthetic Rubbers. The products range such as Styrene Monomer, Liquid Alkyl Benzene, Solvents, Olefin, Aromatic, and Petroleum.

In-Organic and Others sub-unit business also runs in different Business Industries such as Alum (Polyaluminum Chloride), Glass Factory (Flat Glass & Glassware), Filler Roofing Building Construction, Ceramics, Chemical Additives, Performances (Fine) Chemical Inventory and Supply Chain Operation. This sub-unit business has been supplying Hydrate from Australia since 2002 with 80% for water treatment chemicals applications (Alum & PAC) and 20% for other applications, with Alum domestic market share have remarkably reached 20% in Indonesia. In line with this, we have established 2 warehouses, in Jakarta (4000 M2) and Surabaya (3000 M2).

Life Science sub-unit business is focusing on raw material supply for Agriculture Chemical and Pharmaceutical. Sumitomo Corporation Group has a strong network in key area for pharmaceutical market with more than 200 experienced staffs strategically located. PT Sumitomo Indonesia not only maintain a stable supply, as part of our commitment in providing the best supply chain management service, but also deliver a highest quality of products.