message from president director

Sumitomo’s business activity started in Indonesia over 60 years ago, and today is diversified across various fields such as metal products, mineral resources, infrastructure, automotive business, retail business, real estate, and transportation and construction systems. We continue to make efforts to improve and develop ourselves so that we may always provide new value of the highest quality to society.

Our corporate mission is to use our sound business activities to support clients, local communities, employees, and everyone else around the world in their endeavors to achieve economic and spiritual prosperity. Our business practices and unique style focuses on respecting the personality of each individual, and places top importance on integrity and sound management. Through trust and a proven record of accomplishment, we strive to be the leading company.

With its strong economic growth, we consider Indonesia to be one of the most promising countries in the world. Under our corporate mission, we will try our best to create new business for a better future in this emerging and exciting country, while contributing to the happiness of its people, and bringing prosperity to the society.  Thank you for your continued support for PT. Sumitomo Indonesia.

Norihiko Nonaka
President Director

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