company overview

PT Sumitomo Indonesia is a trading company (so-called "Sogo Shosha") which was established in 1999. There are a lot of Sumitomo Corporation Group companies throughout Indonesia, one of which is PT Sumitomo Indonesia. PT Sumitomo Indonesia organizes five business units ranging from metal products; transportation and construction systems; environment and infrastructure; media, ICT, lifestyle related goods and services; and mineral resources, energy, chemical and electronics products.

PT Sumitomo Indonesia constantly strives to deliver the highest quality of products and provide excellent services to meet the demands of both domestic and overseas consumers. Regarding people as its precious partners and assets, PT Sumitomo Indonesia contemplates itself as one unity with people and society.

Currently PT Sumitomo Indonesia has approximately 170 employees. It is headquartered in Jakarta and it has branch office in Surabaya. On the other hand, PT Sumitomo Indonesia is an integral member of the Sumitomo Corporation Group, headquartered in Japan, which owns a global network of multi-faceted subsidiaries. Consequently, PT Sumitomo Indonesia is also supported by Sumitomo Corporation Group integrated global network which comprises of more than 800 group companies from 133 locations in 67 countries.

Integrated global network in Sumitomo Corporation Group is known as "integrated corporate strength". Integrated Corporate Strength enables PT Sumitomo Indonesia to create significant achievements in delivering high value of goods and services.

PT Sumitomo Indonesia is growing together with the country which spans innovation, new value, integrity, commitment and sustainable development. Join our knowledgeable experts and find our diversified businesses, which is involving Sumitomo’s steel and tubular products, automotive-related businesses, plastic and chemical trade, deal with our e-commerce and information technology businesses, or become acquainted more with our power, transportation and construction projects’ sustainable growth.

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